Mazel Tov! Your child is about to turn 13 and you’ve been given a date for their bar/bat mitzvah. What now? As someone who plans a lot of these, my biggest advice is to remember what this day is supposed to be about. You will be bombarded with details details details over the next several months (or year, depending how far in advance your shul plans). You’ll want to select the right venue, entertainment, food, drink, favors, and on and on …

Here is our simple 3 step survival plan that will not only relieve the stress, it will help you to create the best event ever!

  1. Vow not to let this event take over your life! Planning a bar/bat mitzvah can become a full time job if you let it.
  2. Hire an experienced event coordinator.. Hiring someone doesn’t mean they will take over or that you don’t get to do anything or it will cost thousands and thousands of dollars. A good event planner will work with you and get you the best deals.
  3. Work on making memories. How will your child remember this time with you? The time leading up to a b’nai mitzvah can be an incredible bonding experience for your whole family.

With your event planner securely in place, you are free to tend to those special moments that will be remembered for a lifetime.
At Precious Moments by Lauren, we have a keen sense of what we can do to relieve your to do list so that you can focus on what really matters: your child and your family.