We are excited to share with you the words of appreciation from our clients!

“Dear Lauren, Thank you so much for all of your support and guidance! Your patience with me as I navigated the planning of [my son’s] Bar Mitzvah, while at the same time, your gentle encouragement to ‘get things in place, arranged, done’ was perfect for me. Your attention to detail was magnificent, since I am not one who pays attention to detail in this way. I felt completely held and taken care of by you and your staff every step of the way! I would whole-heartedly recommend you to everyone!”
– Ilana, Mom of Bar Mitzvah, October 2018

“Dear Lauren, Wow…what a great part! Thanks so much for finding me and recommending me for Sophie’s Bat Mitzvah. It was wonderful to work with you and everyone loved the photobooth. Please keep me in mind for future events. PMbL rocks!”
– Brendan, B-Sharp Entertainment, May 2018

“Dear Lauren- you were such a big part of why the birthday bash was so successful. Thank you for everything you did – much love!”
– Paulette, April 2018

“Dear Lauren, You are an amazing party planner. You were professional, poised and gracious at all times. Thank you so much for being there for me from my ‘cry for help’ text to the finish, being so patient with me, and for putting up with all of my phone calls, texts, questions and last minute changes. Jake’s Bar Mitzvah was beautiful and incredibly fun. It was just how I imagined it. People are still taking me aside to tell me what a great time they had! Thanks to you, I was able to fully enjoy [my son’s] Bar Mitzvah and to really take in the awesome experience of witnessing our youngest passing through this milestone and sharing that ‘precious moment’ (and that is just what it felt like…a very quick and shiny moment in time) with our dearest family and friends. Please do not hesitate to use us as a reference for other families looking for a wonderful planner. Thank you, thank you, thank you! I will never forget how wonderful it was to know that you had my back. Good luck growing your business. I’m sure you will be very successful. You deserve all the best!”
– Michele, Jan 2018

“Lauren, I’m not sure words exist to express my profound gratitude to you for making [my children’s b’nai mitzvot] luncheon such a beautiful and loving experience. Your generosity of time and energy, your creative spirit, and your unbounded willingness to assist in all matter large and small, made our celebration a special and memorable event. Please accept my sincere thanks. You are an angel and I am so fortunate to know you.”
– Ruth, Nov 2017

“Our son’s bar mitzvah lunch was intended to be low-key and easy, but it turned out that low-key and easy is only possible with Lauren’s essential help! She handled everything from the decorations (thinking of ideas that would suit a low-key bar mitzvah boy) to set up to clean up (with the extra food donated to food rescue and picked up same day!). A simple event can be deceptively complicated, and Lauren thought of everything. She was also endlessly receptive and open for my questions, and easily handled last minute changes and last minute problems. I was able to enjoy the ceremony without worrying about the kiddush, and enjoy the kiddush without worrying about anything at all! She will definitely be our first call when we start planning for our daughter, and I am confident that no matter the size and scope of the event, she could handle it with ease. Lauren and her team were wonderful, and I would recommend them without hesitation.”
-Emily, Oct 2017

“You are a gift from heaven”
Hotel Catering Manager

“Thank you so very much for helping to make our baby naming a success!!! Even though I contacted you last minute, you were able to provide support and happy to help me plan for a success. I will definitely recommend you and your team to all my friends and anyone else looking to work with an awesome professional and her team. Many thanks.”

​”I want to thank you for your super professional yet truly personal work for [our event]. The event went off without a hitch, and that’s a MIRACLE given the challenges of the space….By all logic, given such challenges, things should NOT have worked out at all, but I credit PMbL with much of that miracle…That miracle happened totally behind the scenes, without me having to give it a second thought, and allowed me to be 100% present at my [own event]. When you did the walk-through and took such great notes…and you knew precisely what questions to ask, I knew I was in great hands. At the event itself, your people just made things happen, were flexible to incoming needs, were very personable, and with great presentation… I really felt like YOU were there to support ME and make sure I didn’t have to carry the load. I felt truly supported and like Precious Moments totally had my back!”

​”Lauren, Thank you for your competency and support! We were in good hands and you/your team put me at ease and made all the difference on our big day. Thank you!”
Michelle N

​”I hired Lauren to make a graduation video for my daughter. I sent her over 350 photos and 6 song choices and she was able to put the photos and music together in a beautiful tribute to my daughter’s life from birth to now. Everyone who got to see the video at her graduation party remarked that it was the best graduation video they had ever seen! Lauren was very easy to work with and I wouldn’t hesitate to hire her again in the future. Thank you Lauren for creating a lasting memory for our family!”
Wendi D.

​”Dearest Lauren,
Thank you for being my Rachel’s Bat Mitzvah Angel! As I said many times over the last few months, I know I could never have pulled it all off without you! I think the service and the kiddush lunch both went great, and the Zonis looked beautiful, even as simple as we made it! You did so much for us! You helped me with party-planning, food shopping, and keeping me calm. You saved the day when we needed to find a new mentor for Rachel – and what a fabulous job you did in this capacity, too! You wrote a beautiful paragraph about Rachel for the special service folder – the writing of which showed that you really saw Rachel for who she is. You introduced me to your sweet photographer husband, and saved the day for me in this respect, too! It seemed that no matter what problems, questions, or worries I had, your response was always, “I’ve got it!” You even helped with the picture taking. You are just amazing! …. With deep gratitude and great fondness..”
Judith G.

“Lauren is the person every parent should know. The first thing Lauren did for my family was (with her impeccable filing) to recover $6,000 in stalled reimbursals from my health insurance carrier. Since then she has converted my paper files to digital, and comes in every week to fine-comb and complete paperwork and bills and let me know if anything is amiss. Lauren is a favorite with my daughters; she has babysat them, and even arranged play dates between them and the children of other clients! Lauren was on the scene (of course) the day my daughter first rode a bike, and made a video of that great occasion. The most spectacular thing Lauren has done is stepping in to help with my daughters’ birthday parties. They were two weeks apart, and both at home. Using my ideas as a springboard, Lauren put together two amazing events, both with themes that the children loved. She shopped for supplies I would not have thought of, then came over several hours early to help me set up the house. Finally, she took over the kids when the party started, so I could talk to other parents. I would (and do) trust Lauren with any detail of my life. She is a blessing to my family.”
-Hope K.

“The best decision we made when planning our son’s Bar Mitzvah was hiring Lauren. Before the party, she gave me clear advice about what we needed to do and how we could save money by doing some of the work ourselves. Leading up to the event, she always answered my questions promptly. The day of the party, Lauren assured me that she had everything under control and she really did. I did not have to think about a thing. Food was served, tabels were cleared, and drinks were available. Everything went smoothly because of the professional work of Lauren and her team. Thank you, Lauren! We highly recommend you and will be using you again for our next son’s Bar Mitzvah.
Josh and Eliz K.

“A belated thank you for all of your help in making [the] Bar Mitzvah a success. Upon arrival, you even unlocked the door for me and continued to make certain that whatever I needed happened. Because of your attention to detail throughout the party, everything ran so smoothly.”
DJ Phil Cohen

“I told myself I would never have another party without you!  Hiring you is the best birthday present to myself!”
Tamar L.

“Working with Lauren and her staff was a wonderful experience. It was so smooth and their sense of style and intuition about what needed to happen really made it all seem much easier than it might have. She worked seamlessly with the caterer and cleaned up and put away as much as she could. I recommend her highly!”
Amelia K.

“Thank you so much for your great service. I felt completely confident that things would go smoothly with you at the helm, and they did. Thanks for making my job easier. Your staff were hard working and very pleasant. Nice job!”
Leslie C.F.

“We kept many of our kids’ toys in big, plastic bins stacked in a closet already packed with other household items. The toys were essentially impossible to get to. For us, the idea of cleaning out and reorganizing the toys was daunting; but not for Lauren. She did a terrific job. As a busy mother of two under-5’s, one of the qualities I most appreciated about Lauren was that she listened to my needs and worked with those goals in mind. I knew what I wanted, but didn’t know how to achieve it; Lauren did. She was warm, understanding, and professional. She surveyed the closet and provided me with a written estimate for the work. On our appointment day, she was on-time and got to work immediately with a positive can-do attitude. Now, for the first time, I can go into our closet and bring toys in and out easily, keeping the rest of our house cleaner and neater. I would recommend Lauren to anyone looking for reliable, trustworthy, and professional personal assistance.”
Anita W.

“Lauren is a superwoman impersonating a nanny! She has a wonderful way with our three rambunctious kids. We have a 5 year old girl and 3 year old boy/girl twins that Lauren regularly cares for while both of us work. We have learned parenting skills and discipline skills from her and have been so lucky to have her in our family. Lauren’s decade of experience with children is self-evident. She has proven to be tremendously dependable and reliable, comes with a strong initiative and motivation to not just keep the kids safe, but to develop their sense of self and independence, their good eating habits, their adherence to schedules and structure and healthy play and exploration.

In addition to taking care of the kids, Lauren has become a personal assistant for us. She does our grocery shopping every week, goes to the cleaners, is the point person in our household when service people come to fix an appliance, etc. It took Lauren very little time after she started with us to begin to look for patterns in our household routine where she could make herself incredibly helpful to us. We owe her the smooth functioning of our household and the relative calmness in our family, despite three active kids and two working parents.

Most important, when Lauren commits to a task, we are completely assured that the task will be executed flawlessly and to completion. Thank you for joining our crew and keeping it well glued!”
Rick W. & Cary F.

“Thanks so much, Lauren! You are the best with customer service. I will sing your praises.”
Paulette B.

“Lauren makes the project easy to do. She is a pleasure to work with.”
Andrea G.

“Lauren, let me take a moment to thank you for the scrapbooks. I opened the books with my friends standing around me. Even though they did not know the people, my friends were thrilled with the results. The amount of time you spent scanning our precious memories certainly was worth the cost to me. My own life is so hectic at work that I would never have the time to do this job myself. The two brides who will receive these books will feel like family from day one.

Spanning a hundred years and five generations, the scrapbooks are sure to be treasured a lifeitme. The disk that you gave me means that we will be in good shape when the time comes to give books to my own children. You have helped us create a rich picture history for our family and we thank you more than words can say.”
Myrna W.

“Lauren has a knack for creating lovely and personalized scrapbooks. She listened to my ideas about themes, organized a lot of pictures and artwork, and created wonderful books that captured the characters of each of my children.”
Sylvia P.

“Al picked up the book yesterday… he loves it. It is really beautiful, you did a beautiful job. He’s taking it to his office. He has it on his counter so all his patients can see it. Thank you Lauren, it is really beautiful.”
Barbara S.


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